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When is one supposed to register?

It is strongly recommended to students to start planning their stay at least one year before their presumed departure.

You can create an account at any time of the year: this will give you access to messages and shall thus enable you to be in contact with an advisor. Creation of an account is free. To create an account click here

1st case: you wish to make an application for admission in an institution of higher learning in France through Campus France :

The process of preliminary application for admission (DAP) starts every 1st of December. You can get your file from the Campus France Office of Nairobi.

2nd case: you already have an admission in France:

Visit Campus France Office of Nairobi to fix an appointment with the Scientific and university cooperation Attaché of the French Embassy in Kenya.

Please note that a good level of French language is an important requirement for success in your endeavors. See the column: "Prepare your stay, Learn French".