Holders of the extended-stay visa with residency permit (VLS-TS) no longer have to report to the local prefecture to obtain a residency permit. However, they must still have their VLS-TS visa validated.

The validation process

Upon their arrival in France, they must send to OFII by registered mail (with confirmation of receipt):

- the stamped OFII certification form that they received from the official who granted their visa
- a copy of the pages of their passport bearing their identity data and the stamp signifying entry into France or another country of the Schengen Area.

Upon receipt of these documents, the OFII will send, by regular mail to the address provided by the visa holder, a letter acknowledging receipt of the form and summoning the applicant for a medical visit (if such a visit was not carried out in the applicant’s home country) or an orientation session.

Pilot efforts are being made to use e-mail to facilitate exchanges between students and the OFII.

In all cases, a fee of €58 is charged.

The fee is collected through the sale of a tax stamp bearing the initials "OMI." The stamp may be purchased:
•    Online from www.timbresofii.fr
•    In some tobacco shops
•    At offices of the French tax authorities.............learn more