Missions and Objectives of the Alliance Française



Missions et Objectifs de l’Alliance Française

« Alliance Française » Association, formed in 1883, has the objective of teaching French language in the world, organizing cultural shows, as well as bringing together friends of France in foreign countries. There are more than 1040 institutions of Alliance Française on the 5 continents.

Not affiliated to any political or religious concern and any form of discrimination, Alliance Française aims at developping the practice of the French language and the taste of Francophone cultures.

Success of Alliance Française is among others elements based on its activities as well as on its articles of association under the local law. Thus, Alliance Française is not French than in France.

Promoters of a cultural diversity based on universal values, Alliance Françaises not only have the duty of propagating French and Francophone cultures and the French language but serving the cultures of partner countries.

Alliance Françaises are also platforms for discussions of ideas on the big issues affecting the society, discussions which scientific and cultural culture must shore up.

In summary, Alliance Françaises have a duty of teaching the French language, cultural and artistic operator, participation in intellectual discussions and cooperation with the partner country.

Kenya hosts four Alliance Françaises in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Eldoret as well as a branch in Buruburu (in the suburbs of Nairobi).