MSc in Management and Optimization of Supply Chains and Transport - MOST

A two year Master of Science English taught program fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education

Context and objectives of the MOST Master’s Program

Supply Chain management is concerned with the global management of physical, information flows for the elaboration of products, going from raw materials and suppliers through the production and distribution system down to the final consumers and transport activities play a key role in the organization of the system. The design, planning and optimization of global supply chains and their components (procurement, production, distribution and transport) has become a key factor of performance competitiveness for companies of all sectors in the increasingly competitive global economy. The program covers the logistics activities of companies in the productive sectors as well as in the service activities.

These  Masters of Science programs are taught in English and are fully acreditted by the Ministry of Higher Eduacation and Research.

- MSc in Management and Optimization of Supply Chains & Transport (MOST)

- MSc in Project Management for Environmental & Energy Engineering (PM3E)

- MSc in Sustainable Nuclear Engineering - Applications & Management (SNEAM)


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